Product Review by TFWM

Here are a few excerpts from a review by John Chevalier of Technologies For Worship Magazine, August 2018. Sounds like he had a lot of fun! More on his review here.

“The WalkaBout Drum is a percussion instrument played similar to a cajon. By playing it with your hands, the different parts of the body produces vastly different tones. It comes with a SounDot Snare accessory that you can place on the inside of the drum for a snare drum effect. A few taps on the surface and it sounded just like a snare!”

“I played the WalkaBout for the better part of an hour, just experimenting with the sounds. I was first playing it like a cajon, and guess what, it sounded like a cajon. However, playing with the mic/pickup mixer allowed me to get tones much like congas, even a very open sound like the heads on a drum ringing.”

“Without playing with tone controls on my mixer, I was able to get a wide variety of sound depending on how I played, where I struck the drum and the adjustment between the mic and the pickup.”

“I really like what I hear when playing this instrument. It sounds awesome plugged in and can certainly be a percussion instrument on any worship team either by itself, or playing along with a drum kit.”

We appreciate John’s review, and we agree—the WalkaBout is a versatile and unique instrument. Check out our How To videos here.