Tales From The Gig

Traffic was slow, so I was a little late. Fortunately, the band was already there and the PA was already set up. I sized up the gig—a small cafe venue with the band in the corner, but lots of people and lots of noise. Thankfully, there was just enough room for the three of us—jazz guitar, sax, and WalkaBout drum. I quickly plugged in my instrument cable, dialed in a little EQ and compression—simple and quick—and we started the first set.

Man, it was fun! From big tunes to the nuanced ballads, the crowd was with us on every song and every set. My WalkaBout cut through the mix perfectly with beefy kick, aggressive snare, and lots of other fun sounds, and I could tell that my band mates were into it. I even walked out into the crowd a little and danced with some of the customers. And there were a lot of questions later from people in the audience.

“That’s cool! What is that you’re playing?”

“It’s called a WalkaBout,” I replied. “You gotta check it out.”

Do you have a gig story to share about your WalkaBout drum? Let us know and we’ll try to share it.