Going Wireless!

One of the great things about the WalkaBout drum is that it is mobile. Being able to wear it on a strap opens up a lot of possibilities for standing, moving, dancing, and interacting with your audience. And you can take this the next step as well—by going wireless.

It’s simple really. A wireless guitar system (such as those made by Audix, Shure, Line 6, Boss, XVive, etc.) plugs into the quarter inch input of the WalkaBout body, allowing you to “unleash” your inner musician. Functionally, there is no other difference in playing your WalkaBout, other than you now have the ability to move untethered from your amp or sound system.

We had the opportunity to watch internationally renowned percussionist, Zoro (zorothedrummer.com) perform, and not only did he wow the crowd with his WalkaBout playing, he literally walked into the crowd, playing up and down the aisles, to the delight of the audience. Ever the showman, the WalkaBout allowed him to display another aspect of his musicianship.

Are you going wireless? Let us know and post a pic on our social media (@walkaboutdrum)!