7 Places the WalkaBout Shines!

The WalkaBout Drum is certainly a unique instrument—but it’s a versatile one too. Here are seven places that your WalkaBout will absolutely shine.

1. Open Mic Venues. Sitting in with a friend playing an open mic night? The WalkaBout drum plugs in and sounds great in just seconds, allowing you to add any amount of percussion with a minimum of hassle and a maximum amount of fun.

2.Café Gigs. A lot of drummers end up losing out on gigs because the room is too small for a full kit. Now you can sit on a stool or stand next to the guitarist and—with a minimum footprint—keep the vibe going. And here’s a hint: If you’re a drummer who sings, this is the ultimate instrument to get you out front with the mic.

3. Church. Drums are a normal part of most modern worship experiences these days, but there are often concerns about the volume in some church venues. With a WalkaBout drum, you can keep the groove going without overplaying in your sanctuary or house of worship. Your congregation will love you, and your worship band will too.

4. Busking! Do any street gigs? Trying to get your instruments on a bus or subway? Now you can leave your jungle kit at home. The WalkaBout drum comes with a custom backpack soft case that makes moving in and out of traffic easy, and sounds great plugged into a full-range battery-powered PA. Plus, the look of the WalkaBout is a real head turner. Believe us—you’ll get noticed!

5. Unplugged Sets. Do you have an unplugged set in the middle of your concert? Trying to get that intimate vibe going? Now you can step out from behind your drum set, and get up front and personal with the rest of the band. The WalkaBout gives you that alternative “voice” that will set your performance above the ordinary.

6. On the Beach. Or camping. Or in your dorm room. Or anywhere you need percussion. The WalkaBout is intended to be plugged into a PA or an amp, but it still sounds great unplugged.

7. Bad Backs! What is it about drummers and bad backs? Now you can ditch that boxy cajon and play in a comfortable and relaxed position. For drummers with bad backs, the WalkaBout is a life saver!