New: The SounDot Fan

One of the innovations unique to the WalkaBout Drum is the ability to change out sounds using what we call “SounDots.” SounDots quickly attach to the WalkaBout and provide alternative sounds to the instrument. For example, the SounDot Snare, which comes standard with each WalkaBout, quickly attaches to one of two locations inside the WalkBout using an innovative magnet system, and allows you to emulate a snare drum sound.

Now, our second SounDot is available—The SounDot Fan. The Fan is a patent-pending stick-on accessory that gives you a washboard and a guiro rolled into one. From folk to latin to jazz—we think you’ll find it to be a unique and very musical addition to your WalkaBout palette.

The fanned shape of the Fan gives you many sound possibilities depending on how you play it. You can rake across it with your fingernail, or strum it with a guitar pick, or tap it with your fingers. And you can get creative and place it anywhere you want on the WalkaBout; even place it over your SounDot Snare for even more unique sounds.

The SounDot Fan attaches to the outside face of your WalkaBout with removable StickyDots that retain their sticking power forever. If the StickyDots get a coating of oils, dirt, or grease, simply wash them off with regular hand soap, dry and they’re good to go, sticky as ever.

The SounDot Fan and Snare are both available on our online store. Look for more SounDots to be available soon. And if you’ve got an amazing idea for a SounDot, please let us know. Innovate with us!