Notes Along the Journey: Part 3

Lessons Learned From A Musical Instrument Start-Up Company.

This is the third in a series of five blog posts reflecting on the beginning years of INNOVA Music, the parent company which produces the WalkaBout Drum. From developing and patenting a brand new musical instrument, to starting a company, to introducing the WalkaBout Drum to the world, it’s been quite the ride. Our CEO, Andrew Kilpatrick, reflects on the last two years and also look to the future. For Part 1 of Notes Along The Journey, please click the link here, and for Part 2, please click the link here.

Lesson 3  Haters Gonna Hate, But Listen To Feedback (or Increasing Your Signal to Noise).

If you want to change something, people are going to hate on you. I don’t know why this is human nature, but I can attest that it is. The internet has given everyone a megaphone and an identity shield which makes comment boards toxic and counterproductive to good feedback.

Our team says it this way: “The signal to noise ratio is low on the internet.”

So how do we go about finding out what is working and what needs improvement? How do we increase our signal to noise ratio? First, we start with those closest to our product who also listen with a professional ear. Our endorsing artists have provided some of the most valuable feedback on our early prototypes, and they continue to suggest improvements and innovations.

Second, we talk to those in our community.* People like you. Don’t be surprised to get a message from us asking for your input. We love the people we serve and are always looking for ways to serve you better. We engage in comments online. Behind most of the idiotic or destructive comments online, there is someone who just wants to be heard and feel important. Sometimes they just need to know there’s someone real on the other side of the comments.

Lastly, we acknowledge that our product line is not for everyone. If a person doesn’t ‘get it,’ that’s okay; we may just not be for you. We don’t waste time trying to convert the unconvertible. Our time is better spent making better things for those we seek to serve. Please don’t hesitate to tell us how we can do that better.

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