Why The Funny Shaped Sound Hole?

When people see the WalkaBout for the first time,  the second thing that strikes them is the shape of the sound hole. (The first thing is, of course, the fact that it looks like a guitar with the neck chopped off.) Believe it or not, the sound hole’s look is not a random shape plucked from our vivid imaginations. It actually has some logic behind it. Here are several of the things that contributed to its creation.

  1. With the star-shaped sound hole, the WalkaBout has more playable surface area than if the sound hole was round. The sound hole Star actually delineates two different playable zones on the upper bout of the front face.
  2. The 3-inch diameter of the valleys between the points of the Star is the same diameter as the SounDot Snare accessories that magnetically snap inside the WalkaBout. With a round sound hole, the snare would block the sound hole and show slightly. SounDots nestle in perfectly into the Star design. (We tried to think it all through.)
  3. The name of the instrument—the WalkaBout—refers to the name given to a spiritual journey in the Australian outback. The sound hole represents the star that guides you on your journey in the night. We call it the WalkaBout Star.
  4. And yes, the distinctive shape helps to distinguish the WalkaBout from a guitar with the neck chopped off (and from any guitar, for that matter.)

There you have it! The sound hole star is both functional and aesthetic, what we would describe as elegant. And if you’re interested, you can read here why we call the instrument the WalkaBout (with a capital B).