The WalkaBout in Houses of Worship

We’re seeing the WalkaBout Drum being used more and more in houses of worship. From small church sanctuaries to mega-church stages, we’re finding that the WalkaBout can have a significant role in worship. And there are a number of good reasons why.

The WalkaBout Drum vs. the Cajon. In many worship venues, the cajon (a box-shaped percussion instrument you sit on) has become the de facto alternative to the drum set. But the WalkaBout is superior to the cajon in practically every way. The WalkaBout has a greater number of sounds and expression than the cajon. The WalkaBout doesn’t need to be mic’d. A WalkaBout drummer requires a smaller stage footprint but has greater stage presence. For many churches, the WalkaBout Drum just makes sense. Here’s a video comparing the cajon to a WalkaBout. Check it out.

Drummers Take a Stand! In worship settings, it is often more expressive to stand and play rather than sit. Rather than be stuck inside a plexiglass drum cage, the WalkaBout allows the percussionist to step into the worship experience, rather than sit behind it. Here’s a video of top worship artists, We The Kingdom, performing with the WalkaBout as their primary drum. We think they rock!

Doing Church Online. As of the writing of this blog post, churches around the country have been limited to online services due to the corona pandemic. For months now, many worship teams have consisted of a guitar or two played in homes or bare stages. But there are a few churches who have discovered the WalkaBout to be the perfect option for adding percussion to their online worship experiences. With it’s small visual footprint and single output, it’s an easy way to add energy to your livestream service. Here’s a short video of my church doing a Facebook Live worship song.

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Posted by Oak Hills Church on Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Church Acoustics. Often times, using a drum kit in a church service is problematic. Sometimes the room size doesn’t lend itself to a drum set. Sometimes the simple act of mic’ing a drum set introduces feedback issues and requires elaborate drum shields or cages. Sometimes a full drum set is just a little much for older congregations. While some churches have opted for an expensive electronic set, we’re seeing more worship teams adopt the WalkaBout. It is easily amplified with a single instrument cable, it blends easily with many worship styles, it takes little room on the platform, and doesn’t visually intimidate like a drum set.

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