The press calls Tony Liotta the “Chief of Groove” or compares him with Miles Davis and Santana (“Marabo” magazine).

Liotta’s Groove remains unmistakable. For now, he is living in Germany. Liotta was born in Turin and grew up in New York and New Orleans. He is the smart drummer with the American Groove and the Italian feeling. Liotta learned from the legend Buddy Rich. Meanwhile Liotta himself is a legend. He is one of the most diverse and most renowned drummer of the music business. Critics about Liotta`s drumming: “Liotta is not only a traveler around the world, he`s also … the German answer to Billy Cobham …”

In the age of three he began to play the drums. His career started where others still want to go: his first studio job, was at the age of ten, a studio production for “Young Generation”. As Teenager he came to Europe. At this time, he already has played with the top names in the industry – musicians from Hot Chocolate, Earth Wind and Fire, etc., and had performed at Madison Square Garden and Radio City Hall. Tony Liotta inspired generations of drummers. His grooves are his brand. In studios, he is well-known as a “First Take Drummer”.