SounDot Tamb


The tambourine offers one of the most distinctive percussion sounds, and can be found in rock, latin, folk, and many other musical styles. The SounDot TAMB is a patent-pending, magnetic accessory that quickly gives your WalkaBout Drum a tambourine sound. Two high-quality brass jingles mounted on a non-magnetic post provide that characteristic “ching” sound that cuts through a mix.

ATTACHMENT  Just slip your TAMB through the Soundhole Star into the interior front face of your WalkaBout. There are two DotSpot locations in the upper bout just inside the Soundhole to match your playing preference.

CARE  Take care handling your TAMB around other SounDots—the neodymium magnet is very powerful, and magnets do attract. Always store the Tamb in its case or inside the WalkaBout body.

Hear it played

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